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 CrossFit>> CVFM @ HI + Communal Environment = Health

A regimen of
constantly varied (CV), functional movements (FM) performed at high intensity (@HI) in a communal environment leads to health and fitness.*
*Courtesy of CrossFit Inc.

THE BOX STYLE GYM OFFERS THE GRIT you need to mold your body into a lean, mean machine & we promise you’ll never be bored with your workouts again. You will combine the major components of fitness into one crazy, all encompassing CrossFit workout where you'll learn the skillsets you need to succeed.


With a mixture of ALL the major Olympic lifts, the basics of gymnastics type movements & even some kick butt metabolic conditioning like running, rowing & cycling, our classes will have it all!
You’ll train in a well-equipped gym with everything you need: ropes for climbing, Olympic weights for lifting, kettlebells, slam balls, med balls, pull up & muscle up bars, tires for flipping, sleds for pulling, natural terrain for running, jump ropes for double-undering!
Our philosophy for training is train hard, safe & efficient. You’ll step out of your comfort zone every time you step into a 3-46 GRIT CrossFit class.

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